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1 "Boss of Smithfield market" MUSGRAVE, John Christopher (I998)
2 "QUEEN CAMEL, a parish in the hundred of Catsash, in the county of Somerset, 5 miles to the E. of Ilchester, its post town. It is situated on the small river Camel, a branch of the Yee, and is crossed by the Somerset and Weymouth section of the Great Western railway. It was formerly a market town, and a place of some importance. The living is a vicarage* in the diocese of Bath and Wells, value 222, in the patronage of P. St. J. Mildmay, Esq. The church is dedicated to St. Barnabas. The Wesleyans have a chapel in the village. The parochial charities are worth about 10 a year. Near the village is a hill commanding a fine view over the rich surrounding country, including about 40 towns and villages. Close to the river is a sulphureous spring. Two annual fairs are held on Trinity Tuesday and the 25th October." From The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868) Transcribed by Colin Hinson 2003

Large landscaped park belonging to Hazelgrove House.

Parks and gardens Register entry reads: "C18 landscape park with formal garden in front of house, approximately 70ha. C17 core to house, remodelled 1732 by John and William Bastard. house faces south- south-west, at northern end of park. Arched entrance gateway on Sparkford road (c.1690, from Low Ham, date of erection at Hazelgrove uncertain) leads into south- eastern side of park. Drive from gateway flanked by avenue of trees running north- west for 330m. Drive then curves northward to north-east for 1km through open parkland with scattered mature trees, arriving at entrance gates closing the main axis of formal garden area before the house. The drive divides, one part following the central axis towards the house, the other skirting the southern and eastern side of a ha-ha which encloses the formal area. Between the entrance gates and the house the formal area extends symmetrically for approximately 200m. A pair of Chamaecyparis lawsonia erecta flank the drive inside the gates, with extensive lawn to left and right. Nearer to the house the drive surrounds a central area of grass, with urns to left and right and a large circular bed in the centre. Herbaceous bedding to each side of the central flight of steps from the house. Further bedding and shrubs to east of house, with informal lawn and scattered trees extending eastwards. To west and north-west of house, rectangular walled vegetable gardens, approximately 1ha, thickly surrounded by trees.".

John Thomas of Queen Camel built the arched entrance in 1873--4 [His account book Somerset Record Office DD/X/MOO 1, and an elevation plan SRO DD/X/MOO 8].

The same book shows he did extensive work in the gardens, stone edgings, removing the statues and putting in foundations for vases etc in the 1870s, he also built the ha-ha in 1853, and lots of other things as he and his sons did all the building work in the area from 1850s to 1930s and kept a record of every job they did.

There is also a lot of information on the alterations to the grounds in the Mildmay's memo books in SRO DD/MI but unfortunately they were written from memory long after they had left Hazelgrove and virtually all the dates are wrong - they thought everything was done about 10 years earlier than it actually was. 
MACKFALL, Henry (I60)
3 (1) Revd. Joseph Taylor of Stourbridge, Worcs., Clerk (eldest son of George Alderson Taylor late of Bowes, Yorks.,) and Mary, his wife
(2) Unspecified
(3) Margaret Taylor of Richmond, Yorks., widow (of G.A. Taylor)
(4) Margaret and Violletta Taylor of Richmond, spinsters (daughters of (3))
(5) William Shaw of Bowes, schoolmaster
(6) John Laidman of Bowes, farmer (trustee for (5))
(7) Thomas Binks of Stoneykeld, Yorks., gentleman
(8) Thomas Wheldon
Draft release by (1) and (2) to (5) of 2 messuages, l acres, and other propertyatBowes, to the use of (5) as specified. Quit claim by (3) and (4) of annuities charged on the premises. Assignment of a term of 500 years by (7) to (8) in trust for (5). Recites previous deeds
Consideration: 1,900 by (5) to (1) 
BINKS, Thomas (I562)
4 [Transcription copyright Pamela Littlefair] Source (S90)
5 1881 and 1901 Censuses show birthplace as Ingleton BINKS, Thomas (I21)
6 1881 Census gives birthplace as Ingleton, 1871 and 1901 censuses show Wycliffe SMITH, Sarah (I274)
7 1881 Census shows Walter is not in Norfolk at this time LEWIS, Walter (I167)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. JACKSON, Wilfrid (I874)
9 1901 census shows birthplace as Staindrop JACKSON, Mary Ann (I24)
10 1901 census shows place of birth as Walkerfield BINKS, John (I220)
11 23 George Street must have been a big house in a good area. In the 1851 census an attorney lived there with his wife and family, They had a housemaid and a cook. VINCENT, William John (I52)
12 A different record on the Familysearch site gives the date as 16 Oct 1773 BOURN, Mary (I1269)
13 A good friend of Nancy Astor and her husband Lord Waldorf Astor was Aircraftsman Shaw - more famously known as Lawrence of Arabia - who came to RAF Mountbatten as a virtual recluse in 1929. He left in 1993. VINCENT, William John (I52)
14 A possible match for George T LEWIS Family F194
15 A probable "mother" for Thomas, given age and place of Thomas's birth in 1881 census Isabella (I983)
16 According to the 1851 census, he would have been born in 1834 HAMILTON, John (I99)
17 Additional Information: Brother of Ethel Annie Storey, of 9, Gurlish West, Coundon, Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham. Family F28
18 Age 3 MAKFALL, Thomas (I190)
19 Age 30 MACKFALL, Elizabeth (I643)
20 Age 70 MAKFALL, Benjamin (I189)
21 Age 72 MACKFALL, Robert (I644)
22 Age 81 CALVERT, Jane (I634)
23 Age and place of birth from Census records MACKFALL, Henry (I60)
24 Age and place of birth from IGI details THOMPSON, Susanna (I26)
25 Age at death quoted as 48 in register HOOKE, Jane (I104)
26 Age from 1891 census PEARSON, Emma (I359)
27 Age from details of marriage in Parish register LUNNESS, Edmund (I380)
28 Age from marriage certificate DAWSON, Ellen (I371)
29 Age given as 37 in 1881 census, which would have given a birth year of 1844 LEWIS, Elizabeth (I265)
30 Age in Burials register shown as 83yrs EVAETTS, Robert (I306)
31 Age on death certificate 87 years (Not in Burials Register - probably buried in non-conformist church graveyard) LEWIS, James (I47)
32 Age on marriage certificate is wrong. He is shown as 24, but birth certificate and later census details show he would have been 26. Family F47
33 Although John PEIRSON is shown as Father on the certificate, it is believed that ANNIS was the natural father. PEIRSON was the grandfather, her mother was unmarried at the time of her birth. ANNIS, William Andrew (I69)
34 Although there is no link to our Binks family, yet, Barningham is only 6 miles away from Gilling, where we know the family lived. BYNKS, Thomas (I560)
35 always said his mother told him he was born on 22 March, and she should know! BINKS, John William (I6)
36 Anglican MEYNELL, Elizabeth (I20)
37 Anglican ARNISON, William (I1651)
38 Anglican ARNISON, William (I1652)
39 Annie's age is shown as 21 on this certificate. This is not true. Perhaps she was not able to gain her parents' consent, and therefore exaggerated her age. There is also some doubt whether the father quoted was in fact her father. He may well have been her grandfather, as she was illegitimate. Family F32
40 Assumption of relationship made by place of birth and residence in 1851 LEVERETT, Ann (I413)
41 Assumption that this is the son of Robert LEWIS, as he took over the license of the pub LEWIS, Peter Frederick (I782)
42 Awarded medal for participation in the Chinese Boxer Rebellion.

"In 1902 the newly crowned Edward the Seventh visited Devonport for the ceremony of laying the keel of a new battleship bearing his name whilst his Consort, Alexandra broke a bottle of Colonial wine on the bows of 'Queen' launching that new battleship. Afterwards the King and Queen visited the Naval barracks, driven to the parade ground in a carriage and four for a ceremony attended by 9650 officers and men. The King presented 280 China and 60 South African medals following the recent end to the Boxer Rebellion and the Boer War." http://www.btinternet.com/~philipr/barrack.htm 
VINCENT, William John (I52)
43 Based on 1841 census Family F399
44 based on 1881 census details SEXTON, Samuel (I286)
45 Based on age Family F114
46 Based on age Family F290
47 based on age Family F370
48 based on age Family F377
49 Based on age and birthdate of child Family F392
50 Based on age and birthdate of child Family F400

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